State of Origin 2022 Fixtures: TV Schedule, Start Time for Game 1,2,3

The games and draws for the State of Origin series in 2022 are listed below. The games were set on the same day, November 9, and the NRL Draw was made public.

The Blues won Game 2 by a score of 26-0 after winning Game 1 by a score of 50-6.

Both fans from each side must be curious about the upcoming event results. If you are one of them, you will naturally follow the fixtures of the State of Origin 2022. You will find the necessary information on this page.

When do the State of Origin start and end in 2022?

  • Game 1 will happen on June 8, 2022, taking place at Stadium Australia, Sydney.
  • Game 2 will happen on June 26, 2022, taking place at Optus Stadium, Perth.
  • Game 3 will happen on July 13, 2022, taking place at Suncorp Stadium.
State of Origin Fixtures

Full State of Origin 2022 Fixtures & TV Schedule

Here are the Compete State of Origin 2022 Fixtures, TV Schedule, Venues and Start Time:

Game IWednesday, June 8, 2022Queensland vs New South WalesAccor Stadium, Sydney8:10pmChannel 9
Game IISunday, June 26, 2022Queensland vs New South WalesOptus Stadium, Perth7:50pmChannel 9
Game IIIWednesday, July 13, 2022Queensland vs New South WalesSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane8:10pmChannel 9

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What is the State of Origin Format?

Previously, players were chosen for the squad based on where they first played senior rugby league. In 2012, the NSWRL, CRL, QRL, and ARLC all agreed to change eligibility requirements, such as where a person was born. Players must be able to play in international games for Australia.

Each team’s members hail from the state where they first played senior rugby league in Australia. Football games between states were decided by the teams for which the players had previously played prior to 1980. In 1980 and 1981, there were two interstate games and an experimental “State of Origin” game.

Since 1982, the State of Origin shield has been awarded based on a best-of-three series. From 2006 to 2017, Queensland won 11 of the 12 series, including an all-time high of eight in a row.

Since 1908, when rugby league was first played in Australia, NSW and QLD have participated in representative games against each other. The “state of origin” phase began in the 1980s. The jersey colors of the state teams are known as “blues” and “maroons.” Before the green and gold, this was Australia’s rugby league uniform.

The Blues are managed by the NSWRL, while the Maroons are managed by the QRL. Barry Muir and Johnny Raper called the NSW team “Cockroaches,” while marketing efforts in the 1980s dubbed the QLD team “Cane Toads,” strengthening the image.

In State of Origin rugby league matches, only New South Wales and Queensland compete.

What time does State of Origin start in 2022?

The game is scheduled to start at 8:10 p.m. (Sydney time), but fans can expect it to run much longer. Before the game, the national anthem is played, and TV specials are shown.

In 2020, Origins 1 and 2 started at 8:15 p.m., while the deicer started at 8:11 p.m. Despite the fact that the games were supposed to start at 8 p.m., they did not start until 8:20 p.m.

last year. On Sunday, the second game of the series will begin just after 8 p.m. It is much better for all viewers to tune into their favorite channel way before the starting time takes place.

What Channel is State of Origin on?

In 2022, Channel Nine and its on-demand streaming service, 9Now, which are both owned by the same company, will broadcast all Ampol State of Origin games live and free. On-demand replays are also available through Kayo, allowing you to catch up on any missed action.

How to Watch State of Origin online?

All three State of Origin games will be televised live and free on Channel 9. The game will thereafter be broadcast on Fox Sports and Kayo.

9Now is the place to go to watch State of Origin 2022 online. Beginning from the Game 1 of the event, all State of Origin games will be broadcast live and on-demand on the NRL app and Kayo.

Kayo Sports stands out since it offers HD streaming and a multitude of sports viewing options. SplitView, which shows four sports on one screen, Interactive Stats, no Spoilers (which hides scores), Unique Events, picture-in-picture mode, and many more features are available. Our Kayo Sports review has further information.

Residents of Australia may subscribe to Foxtel Now or Foxtel iQ4 and add the Sport bundle to see the Fox League channel.

Who has won the most State of Origin games?

There have been a total of 40 complete State of Origin series, with Queensland winning 22 of them. There have been 16 New South Wales victories and two ties in the 18 series.

Who won the State of Origin 2021?

New South Wales Blues won the 2021 State of Origin series after winning the first two games 50-6 and 26-0 and losing the third game 18-20.