State of Origin 2024 Live Stream: Watch Online from Anywhere

Follow this guide to find out how to watch the State of Origin 2024 live stream online from anywhere. Learn about the date, kick-off time, fixtures, TV channel, winners, and more.

The 2024 State of Origin will be the 43rd series. Before this series, Queensland has won 24 times, New South Wales 16 times, with two series drawn.

The State of Origin series is the annual best-of-three rugby league football match between two Australian teams: the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues.

Australians and diehard rugby fans have recognized this great rivalry for years. It makes sense that sports fans always look forward to this spectacular event, using it as an excuse to gather with family and friends.

The State of Origin is one of Australia’s premier sporting events. For those who have been following this rivalry for years, you might be well aware of the long history of both teams and their past performances.

2024 NRL State of Origin at a Glance

TeamsNSW Blues and QLD Maroons
DatesWednesday, June 5, 26 & July 17
Total Games3
Kick-off Time (AEST)8:05 pm (Game 1) | 8:05 pm (Game 2) | 8:05 pm (Game 3)
Live Stream FreeWatch Here
BroadcastChannel Nine

Before digging into the ways to watch the State of Origin live stream, let’s take a look at a few important facts below:

When and where is the State of Origin 2024?

The 2024 State of Origin series will begin on June 5 at Accor Stadium in Sydney, followed by Game 2 on June 26 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The final game will be held on July 17 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

2024 State of Origin TV Coverage

The Nine Network is the prime broadcaster of the State of Origin series, with replays available on Fox Sports. Therefore, you should tune into Channel 9 and 90 and 9Gem (channel 92) to watch the State of Origin matches on television.

In the United States, Fox Sports televises all games, and fans from the UK can watch the Origin series on Sky Sports. Sky Sport NZ broadcasts the matches on TV in New Zealand.

Triple M and ABC Grandstand also broadcast this series on the radio.

Here is the list of State of Origin (NRL) broadcasters from different territories:

Australia:Nine Network
United States:Fox Sports
United Kingdom:Sky Sports
Africa:ESPN Africa
France:BeIN Sports
New Zealand:Sky Sport
Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia:Fox Sports Asia
Papua New Guinea:TVWAN (Free TV)/Digicel (Pay TV)
Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Vanuatu and Pacific Islands:Digicel (Pay TV)
(Excluding Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands)

How to watch State of Origin 2024 Live online

state of origin 2024 live

If you want to watch the State of Origin 2024, you will want to reserve the option to watch the spectacle through your favorite device. Live streaming has been a top-notch option for avid sports fans, cord-cutters, and folks because they can watch their favorite show anywhere, anytime they want, from any device.

On this page, we’ll present various broadcasters from different countries for you to choose from, helping you select one that best fits your needs and preferences.

How to live stream State of Origin 2024 in Australia

For Australian viewers, you could pick 9Now as your option. 9Now is an Australian-based online free streaming service that covers the area of Australia. This live streaming service offers coverage of the National Rugby League and the State of Origin and other shows like TV, Tennis, Cricket, and golf.

If you are an avid sports fan, especially rugby, getting a subscription to 9Now can be a great move. You can watch all the shows including the State of Origin 2024, in HD through any compatible device. Check the compatibility on its official site to find out if your device is compatible with the service.

You can also Watch on-demand replays on Kayo Sports if you miss any of the action.

How to Watch the State of Origin 2024 Online in the UK

The State of Origin’s first game starts at 11:50 am UK time on Wednesday, May 31. Every game will be broadcast in the UK on Sky Sports, with match coverage starting on Sky Sports Main Event around 10:00 am.

Sky subscribers can stream the games on their Sky Go accounts. The Sky Go live streaming service is available on mobile devices, tablets, computers, and laptops. Use your favorite browser to access Sky Go through its official site.

Additionally, you can download and install the Sky Go app to access the live streaming service on your smartphone or tablet.

If you don’t subscribe to Sky, don’t panic, there’s always NowTV.

How to Live Stream the State of Origin in New Zealand

Folks in New Zealand can use Sky Go to watch the State of Origin 2024. You can watch the games without delay on your favorite devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

Download and install the app on your mobile device, or visit the official site through your laptop or PC, then pick the Sky TV package. The State of Origin 2024 coverage will be there.

If you don’t have a Sky TV package, you can still stream live and on-demand from Sky Sport’s streaming platform, Sky Sport Now. Subscribe to a package and get instant access.

How to watch State Of Origin live stream in the USA

To watch the State of Origin 2024 live stream in the US, you must tune into Fox Sports LIVE. If you are watching through your favorite browsers, Go to and use your pay-TV credentials to log in.

But downloading and installing the FOX Sports app on your device is the best option if you are on the go. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Where to Watch the State of Origin 2024 Online from Singapore

Fox Sports Asia is the official broadcaster of the State of Origin in Singapore. If your TV package includes Fox Sports, you can use your login details to stream all games via Fox Sports LIVE.

Besides, Watch NRL is a streaming option for international users. So, if you live or are traveling in Singapore, Watch NRL could be your best option.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to Watch NRL to get the opportunity to witness spectacular moments in the most awaited event of rugby in Australia.

Where to Watch State of Origin Matches in Japan

If you are in Japan, the most sensible option to watch State of Origin 2024 is to watch it from Watch NRL.

Watch NRL is a great live streaming platform that has been covering tons of matches of rugby. At this moment, it is a great opportunity to reserve Watch NRL as the sole option to watch the State of Origin 2024.

Besides the State of Origin 2024, you can also watch regular NRL games, replays on-demand for reviews, international matches, and so on.

Also Check:

How to watch State of Origin 2024 without cable?

Here are the available options that you can consider to watch State of Origin 2024 without cable

Watch using NRL

As rugby fans, you could visit the NRL website to watch the State of Origin 2024. it is the first option you want to use to stream the matches.

Although it is not a free option, the subscription cost is affordable in such a class of services. Once you subscribe to the service, you can also use the NRL app on your mobile devices to watch the State of Origin 2024 while on the go.

Make sure you have subscribed to high-speed internet service so that you don’t have to buffer the HD quality of State of Origin 2024.


Kayo is one of the providers which include 9Now in their live streaming package. If you are a Kayo subscriber, you are in luck. You don’t have to look for another option to watch the full coverage of the State of Origin 2024.

Australians can watch it from home, office, or anywhere. You can download the 9Now app and use your Kayo credential to get coverage.


Foxtel Sports Package includes 9Now as the live streaming channel to watch the State of Origin. The officials of the live streaming provider have confirmed that the users of Foxtel can attain High Definition quality streaming.

You need to subscribe to the Foxtel package, and you are good to go. Make sure that the service is available in your area, though.

Here is the list of Live TV Streaming services of the USA:

Fubo TV

For the cord-cutters who happen to be big fans of common sports, FuboTV can be your haven. FuboTV has been popular for a long time because of its success in delivering great sports content to cord-cutters and regular sports fans across the globe. Fubo TV includes a channel which lives streams a particular event.

Sling TV

Sling TV can make a great choice if you are considering your budget. Folks often slate it as the no. best sports live streaming provider after Fubo TV. Sling TV offers an affordable alternative as much as twenty-five dollars per month to get you the coverage of major sports events, including the upcoming State of Origin 2024.

Hulu TV

Hulu TV is one of the best sports live streaming services across the globe. The State of Origin matches are available to cover here. The pricing is only thirty-five dollars per month, which already includes tons of channels.

It also comes with the trial period wherein you can use to watch the State of Origin matches for free, or assess the service before finally purchasing the subscription. Hulu TV is a cord-cutters centric service. It can also make one of the best alternatives to choose from.

Can I watch State of Origin Live Stream Free Online?

Yes, you can watch the State of Origin 2024 live stream free every minute of three game. It will available via 9Now streaming platform and free to air on Channel Nine.

Outside of Australia, You need to subscribe VPN (Try ExpressVPN 100% risk free) to bypass 9Now Geo restriction problems and watch state of origin online free on 9Now from anywhere and any device.

Besides, you will get some free streaming sites and those sites are full of ads So which can harm your devices. That way, we don’t recommend those sites.

How to live stream State of Origin to your PC or Smartphone?

For Australian viewers, you could use 9Now live stream service. It is a free live stream that provides coverage of the State of Origin. All you need to do is visit 9Now through your favorite browser.

The 9Now mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. Make sure you update your firmware first before installing 9Now App. You can also use this service on TV-connected devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Telstra, Fetch, etc.

9Now also comes with four live popup channels which simulcast the main broadcast. So, it is highly possible that you can see different moments on dual-screen.

You could hover to Watch NRL for international users to watch the State of Origin 2024 from anywhere. Make sure to explore your possibilities on the official site of Watch NRL first before proceeding.

How to Stream State of Origin Live Online from Anywhere

For those who are living outside the market, surely you will ask about how to use VPN to stream the State of Origin.

state of origin live online from anywhere

As we know, VPN is the closest option that you can use to watch State of Origin anywhere you want. If you are living in Australia, you have probably reserved your legal option to enjoy the game.

You can use a service like to enjoy State of Origin 2024 streaming without hassle and fuss. But don’t get it wrong. Although it is geo-blocked for viewers outside Australia, you can outsmart this system.

There is a workaround, and it is called a VPN service. With the help of VPN services, you can unblock the Livestream NRL in Australia. Watch the State of Origin Live Stream on your PC, laptop, Mac, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android, iOS, and Android.

When you visit the official live streaming site from your real IP address, you might see this message “This event is not available in your location. The owner of this event has chosen to block your location. If you think there has been an error, please contact the event owner.”

That’s what happens when the geo-blockage happens. But you won’t see this error message by using the VPN to change your IP address. Instead, you can watch State of Origin games without any problem. Consider checking these 3 prominent VPN providers: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish.

State of Origin 2024 FAQ:

Here are the frequently asked questions that will help you to get your answer shortly.

What time does the State of Origin start?

Keep in mind that the time differences can apply depending on your local time zone. Game 1, 2, and 3 will kick off at 8:05 pm AEST. Make sure to convert it in your local time if you are in a different area.

How to Get The 2024 State of Origin Tickets?

The tickets have been on sale for a while. You can reserve yours on the NRL official site.

How to Watch State of Origin while overseas?

When you are overseas, consider checking on Watch NRL. Nuff said. It will be your best option to watch the spectacle no matter where you are.

Who has won the most state of origin?

The Queensland Maroons have won the most State of Origin series with 24 wins, compared to New South Wales’ 16 wins.

State of Origin is one of the most fantastic rivalries in the sporting world that you won’t be missing. The annual best-of-three rugby league football match series between the two teams has always brought such breathtaking experience to share with your family and friends.

Make sure that you reserve the option to watch State of Origin 2024 Live Streaming now.