Queensland Rugby League Team (Queensland Maroons): Top Insights

Are you a fan of rugby? Well, whether you are or not, Queensland Rugby League Team is a fit you cannot miss. From its rich history to its dominance in the league, you will readily fall in love with this rugby team. Usually, it plays at the Suncorp Stadium. From this year, women will hold their match at the Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Queensland Rugby

The QLD is a team you will hardly talk about without mentioning New South Wales, its rival. Ideally, the connection between these two is out of this world.

But how much can you know about it? Here are a few insights into it.

What is the Queensland Rugby League Team?

Coached by Wayne Bennett, the QLD is an Australian rugby team representing the state of Queensland in the country. It boasts of ‘The Maroons’ as its nickname, thanks to the color of their jersey. While the players on this team are from the same state, they play in different clubs. This way, it will be much easier to notice the diversity they bring to the table whenever they play.

You can barely overlook the rich history that this team shares. Typically, you can divide this history into two, including the Residential era and the State of the Origin era.

The Residential Era

This period lasted between 1908 and 1979. During this period, the matches between QLD and the New South Wales team were a charm to behold. Things were doing fine until the union and the league split. This stint saw QLD playing 221 games against NSW and winning only 54 of them.

Among the first competitive games was the 1908 interstate series. Here, the QLD team lost 43-0 to NSW (Kiwis). Over the years, QLD kept losing to its counterparts, a trend that lasted until 1922. For instance, in 1912-1913, QRL lost both matches to NSW, which boosted their hunger for success.

In the 1950s, NSW won various matches, prompting most players to move to their team. This way, QRL remained disadvantaged for a long time. However, in the 1980s, the policy changed to the ‘State of Origin’ one, meaning players playing for either team will be selected based on their state of origin. From there, the State of Origin era got born.

State of Origin Era

This period highlights significant success for QLD, and it started in 1980 to date. During this time, QLD has played against NSW over 36 times. Thanks to their improved prowess and better coaches, this team prides itself on around 21 wins. Did you know that QLD won its fifth consecutive series title in 2010? This title was not only record-breaking but also historic. You will also appreciate how much televised it was.

There is no denying that QLD has dominated this series for a long time. Thanks to this, there has been an increase in TV viewership and ratings. You will also appreciate how tactical their game has always been. How about you watch them whenever they play next? You will surely enjoy it!

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