Queensland vs New South Wales TV Schedule, Tickets and Watch Online

State of Origin 2018 is a prestigious Rugby League played in Australia on yearly basis. It is about the big rivalry between the two teams namely Queensland and New South Wales. The spectacle has been conducting from 1980. the league consists of three matches. Each game is played between the two respective teams. This year the matches of the league will happen on three different locations in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Queensland vs New South Wales

The first game of the Queensland vs New South Wales will happen in Melbourne on the first week of June. This Queensland vs New South Wales live stream is going to stop audience of Australia from doing their things. They have been waiting for the match in the Melbourne Cricket Ground. There is no single fan that wants to miss the show. Many audiences in the UK, US, and the rest of the world have been following this league for years. It is only natural that everyone wants to reserve their options to catch up with the Queensland vs New South Wales. Here we are going to uphold the information about its TV Schedule, Queensland vs New South Wales Tickets, and how to watch it online.

Queensland vs New South Wales TV Schedule

TV viewers, you can tune in Fox Sports as the righteous broadcaster of the special Queensland vs New South Wales event. Fox Sports has the full rights to broadcast every single game of the year on their Fox League channel. Keep this option in your list when you watn to watch QLD TV Schedule.

Meanwhile, you could also tune in Channel 9 to watch the games in Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Channel 9 also provides live streaming service through 9Now.

The good thing about Fox Sports is that they work together with NRL to offer the Watch NRL. They went live in early 2018. You can also enjoy the State of Origin through this option as well. The service can be accessed through the app using the website and your favorite devices like Chromecast or Airplay. This will provide you the access to all of the games of the 2018 NRL Season.

QLD and NSW Tickets

The Game 1 will happen on Melbourne on the early June. Now NSW is closing the gap. Whether you are the QLD or NSW supporter, the State of Origin is the perfect occasion to show your true colors. For most of the teams fans, the tickets are the most important thing to keep posted at the veue. If you are planning to attend the venue of the Queensland vs New South Wales live stream, make sure which game you are about to watch. As usual, the official online Queensland vs New South Wales Tickets boxes sell the tickets in category 1, 2 , and 3. Don’t forget, the ticket price might be at peak when you order in the last minute. It is recommended to purchase as early as possible to reserve your seat in the venue. Buy Tickets Here https://tickets.nrl.com/origin

How to Queensland vs New South Wales watch online

Watching online can be very viable option for those who are not attending the venue, or the cord-cutters who are the big fans of the Australian rugby sports. If you want to watch it online, you could really use different options that may be suitable for you.

DirecTV Now, for instance, will be a great choice amongst the others because it provides over 60 channels with per month subscription for only $35. besides enjoying State of Origin games, you’ll also be able to watch other shows. If you are planning to watch the other shows as well, consider to have this.

You could also choose Fubo TV. It is a streaming service which allows the users to watch the sports game live through the devices including PC, laptop, iOS, and Android device. You will only need to spend $19.99 per month to enjoy the service. There are more than 40 channels along with the sports channels are available in the service.

Sling TV is also a top choice. Guaranteed, when you use this service, you’ll be able to watch State of Origin games without hassle and fuss. A monthly subscription only costs you around $25 per month.

Some live streaming services may have geo-restriction. Some of them may not be available in your location. If you are experiencing this limitation, it is great to use the VPN services to mask your IP address.

For the services mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy them all optimally by using high internet speed. Therefore, it is very important to have a decent internet connection and supportive device to ensure your experience in watching the State of Origin.

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