Peking Duk Is Going to Perform at Pre-Match at State of Origin

If you happen to be the big fan of Peking Duk, and you are expecting to see State of Origin 2018, then you are in a big luck. Peking Duk is going to perform on the pre-match entertainment ahead of Game 1! That means you will see their action prior to Game 1 at MCG.

Peking Duk

This is, of course, a big news for most rugby fans because Peking Duk is ready to dazzle at the State of Origin. It was the rumor until the NRL made the official announcement back then. Peking Duk is to be added to handle the entertainment offering for the Game 1 of State of Origin.

The Australian electronic genre band members: Adam Hyde and Reuben styles said about their excitement in performing as the opening act on the pregame show. This will happen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground before Game 1 of the 2018 series on June 6.

Hyde even stated that it felt exhilarating just standing here and looking around. That really shows the excitement of the artist to make the performance. The NRL conference at the MCG really told the good news for most sports viewers. The members of the band felt the excitement and the crowd roaring. They were looking forward to delivering such a great show.

If you have been following this band, you surely want to see their action prior to the Game 1 later.

The duo has had the ARIA-Award. For the musicians with such achievement, it is a bigger show to date.

The tickets of the show will be announced later. These will be available for the fans at the game to be the front and center in the mosh-pit.

The pregame show is indeed one of the most fantastic terms when it comes to the State of Origin 2018. The NRL Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Abdo stated that they had a very special pre-game show planned for the MCG. Peking Duk would showcase it spectacularly.
Well, it is not only the jumbo mambo words. Peking Duk has proven themselves many times in hundreds of successful concerts in their entire career. With a large base of fans in Australia and surrounding countries, the State of Origin will be more crowded than before, thanks to these talented men.

State of Origin 2018 is indeed the biggest sporting rivalry spectacle in the country. The entertainment is also pivotal aspect not to miss. Folks will see the spirit of the series when they see the entertainment. This will bring up the passion and energy. The next thing you know is that you will have such a great mood for rooting your favorite team in the field.

It is not a surprising fact that the on-field intensity can be pretty draining for all the attendances of the venue. But with the pre-game entertainment, they will loosen their stiffness and ready to welcome the spectacle with joy.

The Peking Duk will perform in the pre-match prior to the Holden State of Origin match. They will showcase it spectacularly. What do you think about the songs they are going to perform in the State of Origin?

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The pair first attained attention from the public sounds enthusiasts in 2012, thanks to their release of a Passion Pit bootleg remix. Meanwhile, their biggest hit is “High” which reached on the ARIA Singles Chart. They also achieved triple platinum certification and won the ARIA Award for the Best Dance Release at the ARIA Music Awards in 2014.

Since then, they are going internationally. They have big fans in Australia and the rest of the world. Upon the release of Passion Pit bootleg remix in May 2012, they have gained much attention from music lovers.

They have been releasing two singles. They have been performing in many shows around Australia, Asia, and North America. We also see them work together with popular musicians like Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and A-Trak.

Peking Duk also receives such strong roots from Triple J, the popular youth broadcaster. They present weekly DJ Mix on Saturday Nights for a month in Triple J’s house. The notable performances in musical festivals by Peking Duk are the Falls Festival, Parklife Music Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Shore Thing, Big Day Out, and Stereosonic.

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