Everything You Need to Know About State of Origins 2018

When you hear about State of Origins 2018 the first thing that comes to your mind should be the biggest annual rugby league football match series between two Australian state. Certain teams represents the state of their origins, they are the New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons. While American football has its own leagues, but State of Origins is the biggest rugby league in Australia. This is one of main sporting events and able to attract huge number of live and television audiences, even all the tickets of stadium in which the game is played are usually sold out.

State of Origins 2018

The name State of Origins has its own story, it is not just any name given without any meaning. Every representative players are playing for the team of which state each of them played their senior rugby league game. Before the 1980, the players were playing for the state in which they played all the time. Then in 1981 comes the experimental State of Origins rules and matches, only after 1982 onwards, all the matches are using the modern rules. Both representative teams are fighting for the State of Origins shield, which is the proof of the winning team. In the beginning of the application of the modern rule, you can see that the results are quite even between the two states. However, ever since 2006, the Maroons have been winning almost all the matches except for 2014.

Although there were many exceptional players in the last 2017 leagues, but in this upcoming State of Origins 2018 there will be many more new and fresh faces coming to surface. You can expect the both team to have more improved gameplay and new strategies, as there are also a number of new players joining the grand football league.

The upcoming State of Origins 2018 is on June 6th 2018, but the hype has started long before the event even begin. There are interesting things happening and if you want to enjoy the State of Origins 2018 to the fullest, you have to know all these things beforehand. 2017 was the last Origin series for Johnathan Thurston, Cooper Cronk and most probably Billy Slater. And now there is a huge news about Cameron Smith is going to resign from the squad. The things that are happening here could be something unfortunate for the Maroons, but there are also predictions that new, stronger players are going to make their appearance. Either the resignation of those players could be a sign that Maroons would face a new fate ahead of them, or it could be the beginning of a new story.

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Meanwhile on the NSW Blues’ side, a new face with very familiar story made his debut, Brad Fittler would direct the NSW’s State of Origins 2018 team into a new direction. Most of us have probably heard about this ex-professional player being a coach and there are sayings that his presence might bring NSW Blues a fresh start from all the previous records. Meanwhile, the man himself assured the people that in 2018 he will start with a clean slate approach to select the professional players.

With all the speculations it would be great to see all three matches of the State of Origins 2018 together with your buddies. The kick-off will be held in June 6th at the MCG at 8.15 PM, while the second game will take place in Sydney. The second game is a part of the stand-alone representative weekend, which is on Sunday. June 24th at ANZ stadium in Sydney. The third game choose to take place in Brisbane on July 11th Wednesday at Suncorp Stadium.

Besides coming right to the stadium to watch the League live, you can also watch the live stream on several channels which officially becomes the broadcaster. For now, the only channel we know for live broadcasting is the Channel 9 which will provide the live stream for NSW and Queensland. Meanwhile, if you expecting telecasts, the schedules are still being confirmed for further notice. Make sure you won’t miss every single match in the State of Origins 2018 for there are expectations of new things coming up. Start managing your time now and remember to always follow the latest update.

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